In 2012, Sara Herrera launched ArasDance, a project based dance company. The company made it’s inaugural appearance in Amalgamate’s Artist Series in New York City in early Fall of that year.  Building from this show, ArasDance was presented with the audience favorite award for Abuelo’s Requiem in Joy of Motion’s Choreography Showcase. ArasDance has performed throughout the DC metro area and has had successful shows at Dance Place and Atlas-Lang Theatre, for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Capital Fringe Festival.

Sara’s choreography is driven by personal stories using movement as a medium for understanding the world around her. It is with this deep personal passion that ArasDance creates an audience connection and cathartic experience–their intimate performances draw the emotions of the audience into the rhythm and energy of the dance. Sara strives to create unique experiences with every performance and new piece she creates.  

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Past Performances: