We are heading to the Atlas Performing Arts Center right here in Washington, DC!

I am always excited to hit the Paper Dreams stage, as I have fallen in love with this show. Last year, working with the Barcelona dance theater company, Mons Dansa, whose artistic director Claudia Moreso, wrote and directed this play, was by far the best 2 weeks working with a room full of artistic geniuses and folks you are happy to know are in the world. Many thanks to Mons Dansa and Imagination Stage, who collaborated with the company and bringing it to the states and now, into my life. Can you tell I really do love this show? Seriously, I could not feel more happy and proud to be a part of the magic that unfolds. If you have little ones, definitely bring them to the theater. My daughter who will be 5 in July has seen it more than a handful of times and has to ture from it. I have performed it over 40 times and I learn something new with each performance to make the next one bigger and better for the audience.

Come have fun with us and get your tickets HERE

I look forward to seeing you at the theater!

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