First blog post on my new site. I dedicate it to my little one and the fun we had at Six Flags this past Tuesday. Right now, I should be on stage performing alongside my partner, Anna Lynch, in Imagination Stage’s show Paper Dreams at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. However, I am on my third day of suffering from a pinched nerve. The culprit? A kids wooden rollercoaster at Six Flags! As much as I love rollercoasters and laughing my heart out, this ride did a number on me. Apparently, I am not as invincible as I thought I was. I may have to put my idea of making a bubble wrap suit into production ooorrrr just never get on wooden rickety rollercoasters. Aleve, a heating pad, epsom salt baths and lots of rest is doing the trick. Plus, I’d do it all over again, in my fashionable bubble wrap suit, just to hear her laughter and little squels of joy.

Well, atleast I have this time to finally put my website together and have all projects I am a part of on one page. I did say I wanted to simplify my life this year:^)

I’ve never kept up with blogs, so let’s see how long this will last but I must say for the little bit I just typed I forgot that I had a pinched nerve…blogging…a healing concept.

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